This app is so well designed and easy to use that its now one that I check very often during the day.

- Wbj1987

  • Discover worthy causes, charities, and events

    No other app connects you to your entire community like Pushlocal does. Follow your Chamber of Commerce, church, school, running club, and favorite charity, all from one place.

  • Don't miss a thing.

    No more missing out on awesome things that are happening around you. Customize your push notifications to hear from the businesses and organizations you want as soon as they post.

  • Add as many cities as you want.

    Pushlocal is your new travel companion. Add your hometown, college town, out of state work destination, or your favorite vacation spot. Always be in the know, wherever you go.

  • Follow local businesses for sales, deals, and specials.

    Local businesses that join Pushlocal offer awesome deals and regularly post specials and sales because they know they are hitting their local customers who care about them. Pushlocal users often receive exclusive offers just for them!

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