"Pushlocal allows me to push daily specials to all of our followers. I have had customers tell me they were on their way somewhere else, but changed directions when they got our push. That's awesome!"

-Slick Rick's Foods


"We enjoy using Pushlocal because it's easy and instant! When there are prayer requests, events, or programs happening in the church, Pushlocal helps us to stay connected with each other to spread the word quickly."

-Jefferson Street UMC


"Pushlocal's scheduling feature makes it easy and convenient to enter our future deals and events in the calendar, keeping our customers informed and creating more for us to help them find what they need."

-Home Hardware


"Pushlocal lets us communicate directly and immediately with our customers and we are thrilled with the results. Every week our customers say they came because the specials sounded good.

-Bowie's Bar & Grill

We can't wait to show you what Pushlocal can do for you.

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